Monday, September 6, 2010

be free

I'm glad to know love.

To feel the presence of love sitting by my side.

I want so desperately to know who I am. To spew out the words that are given to me, to behold the glory that is been placed upon me. So often I feel shame in being who I am, but when I'm alone, in the space between my eye's and eyelids I feel so free. Every tear that creeps out, may they show the reflection of what is going on inside, may they release and set free the captive one that has been harboring. The one Holy in being, precious in presence, gentle in his abiding yolk, may He be revealed, may He be allowed to speak, may He move the mountains.
May He stain the aged, worn, becoming, beloved, undeserving folk from youth to worn. May He be allowed in the space between your eye's and eyelids. Don't be afraid to blink. For there is no amount of darkness that can overcome the light.

I'm so glad to know Love.
May I know it more.
You too.

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