Monday, August 16, 2010

My seventy-six year old roomate- formed from a quote via Beth herself

Her name is Beth.

She prefers me to call her my, "lifepartner".... but not in those kinda connotations, "I'll be your partner in Christ... not crime, but Christ!"

"Brooke! remind me never agian to go to that Chinese!"

These are all things she has JUST said to me...

This is who I get to live with. Wide smile, big eyes, craazzy hair. I love her.

Why is she seventy-six years old? (you may ask)

"Because I like the idea of being on a potch in an old rocking chair, screaming at the birds and children"- Beth (in love.. all old people scream, they can't hear well enough)- my own addition

Then she has random revelations on actually being seventy-six and how I will be bringing her prune cookies to prevent the intestinal difficulties that comes with old age.

So really, I just couldn't think of anything to blog about....I mean if Beth wasn't here yacking, in her truely lovely yackin' abilites that I am constantly being blessed by, I may have been able to find something to deeply speak about.

Yup, I thought that I would actually try to post something once a month since I started and I seriously used to be a legit writer- I suppose if it's meant to reveal itself again it will, in time and in God's glorious will.

Well, Beth is littlerally bug zappin' me via noises to pull me out of the computer.

OOOOFFFF to the old fart land I go.

Until next time,
I'm Mr. Rodgers...

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