Sunday, March 14, 2010

are you listening?

Remember those days when you just
what anyone is saying, people start chuckling... your brain starts listening less. Good, because your experience(s) can help you understand a revelation I had today at work.

I think I was probably one of those days where I am just lost in my mind, trying to connect the dots to an end. Well, near the end of the work day I had yet another, "what did you just say?" moment. This one happened to really catch my attention as I was scrubbing a few dishes and realized I thought I heard one of my coworkers say, "this takes four arms to do." Now oddly enough I have had many a "ahhh" moments at the deli sink and here was another.
In my brain, as I was asking my coworker what she had just said, God began shouting...

"are you listening?!".
I stoped and let Him speak.

I realized, as I actually have for awhile now, but more clearly today that I wasn't, that in trying to find out what I was to do with my summer, my future, my tomorrow and next wednesday... I wasn't listening too well. God speaks. The world... well, the world doesn't speak as gently as Him.


It's crazy how simple the things that are being spoken to us are, once we truely listen.