Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Over there

                                     let us//
break free of the mindset of this world.
cast down the idols of this world.
not be content with the world as it is.
see the beauty within each soul.
 speak the words You speak.
 do the works You see done.
incterceed the breaking of chains on lives.
 not become content
desire soooo muuuchhh more
walk in the ways of righteousness
understand the words you speak to us
TRUElllly hear you voice
step out of our own expectations
purge ourselves of our own schedule
not be hindered by the spirits of this world
be encouraged by the grace and mercy You give us
walk as citizens of heaven
redound in praise and honor and glory at the name of Jesus Christ
be crazy- not caring if we lose anything on this earth

love out loud
and offensively.


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