Wednesday, October 19, 2011

in the overflow

If I could worship, bow down in song and praise, every day, all day. I would be there.
I honeslty think it's by God's grace that I am able to step out of that place and talk to other people, love on other people and tell others about Him.
Because I know, that the amazing goodness I feel, the peace that comes in my time in the quiet with him, when my heart is bursting with song, if it didn't lift, I would stay, probably never eat, nada.

I've been so overwhelmed by the overflow of God recently. How good, good good His goodness is.
That I have found Him in the quiet, though I can not stay everyday all day, I will one day get ten fold what I expierince now.... uncomprehendable, but in the overflow of the queit place, I get days of overflow. Moments in my day when I can feel the overflow. I get to speak without confidence in my own flesh, but standing in awe and what just came out of my mouth, of what was just reminded to me through the overflow.

Matthew 7:23
I never knew you- depart from me.

whatdda who? You never knew me God?! I told tons of people about you, saw demons leave people, I did might works in Your name!

The overflow.

Bathing in His goodness, in His discipline, learning, correcting, teaching, bending, pouring out love. Finding identity, standing in who He and what He has called you to be.

There are so many things Christians can argue about, scipture, how to enterpert this, how to go about doing this, how to view that. But if you are not living in the overflow of the quiet place, then how empty will you become with all these things.
In the joy of His presence is peace, understanding, overflow.

I would stay in the joy of His presence, in the correction of His voice, because I know He is drawing me closer to Him in his discipline and His joy. I get to know Him more, push through more to see His face. Though the world, the church, may never see me, He see's me. He knows me. And one day when I stand in front of Him, in awe, in joy, in utter excitement, in release of everything unknown that I will hold onto until eternity, from the overflow, from not my goodness, not my great works, not my amazing purity, heart or devotion, but from His love, power and steadfastness. I will be held in my last spout of weakness, comforted by His overwhelming overflowing strenght.

If I could lay it all down, I would, but I know I'll stand before God one day, defeated by my flesh, in sorrow that I could not give him SO much more, because He is SO worthy. He will wipe away my last tear.

Here I live. Here You are giving me breath. Lord, may I always overflow, though I'm sure there will be days when I am empty, when I doubt, when I am afriad and You in your steadfast fierceness and love for me, will come, wipe it all away. Rescue me and stand me up. Because I am your daughter.
And there I will live in the overflow.

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