Friday, October 1, 2010

sweet sky.

May I pray as you say.

This picture that is the banner of my blog isn't just any ol' sunset.
It is a reminder to me, that when we pray, in our meekest moments, God opens the heavens.

Two summers ago I worked at a lovely camp out in Deerwood, MN. This specific thursday afternoon  I was lifeguarding, no one was coming down to swim because this week had been gloomy. Sitting out on my raft, staring at the amazing scenery around me I  so desired to see a sunset, to have a sunset canoe paddle. So, from my desire, I asked God for
a susnet. About 40 min later open swim was closed and on my way in I asked the head lifeguard if she thought there was any hope in having a sunset that night to take the campers out on the lake. She, with no doubt in her statement, commented on the weather to come and how it was not likely at all.

So I went ahead and planned to play sand volleyball with the youth instead of canoe. Fast forward to our evening game of volleyball. Somewhere in the middle of our game I'm on the sidelines getting lost in  conversation with the tree's and grass when I look to the sky, and in awe begin to admire the lovely colors of the sky.  When i realize..the sky.... is colorfull!?!? Immediately I realzie what has happened,  yell for all the campers to stop playing and go change and meet me down at the boat house.

It was deffinetly a throne room moment. When I realized that God has parted the skies for us. So on our  canoes we paddled out to the middle of the lake. Where we all stared in awe of the beauty that we had been given.  Huddling the canoes together, I began to speak a word to these campers, and at some point mentioning that I had prayed for this sunset and as soon as I said this, most of them began noting how sweet is was that God HAD answered my prayers, their faith deffineitly lifted mine up at that moment opening my eyes to the significant beauty that had been given to us. All around the lake, we could see for miles, were the dark clouds that you can see around where they had parted. The clouds had literally parted perfectly over the camp and stopped not to far above where the photo shows.

If only I had the faith to pray for a sight the size of a sunset every day.
May I pray as you say.


  1. A lovely picture and lovely post. I think it's great when the graphics in a blog have some meaning and connection to the message. Your post reminded me of the words of Jesus (in another context) to "watch and pray." In your case it was, "pray and watch!"